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Composite Door


Composite Doors

The Vale composite door can be manufactured to fit any opening and is available in a range of sixteen styles and seven premium colours with a multitude of glazing and hardware options this is a door that can be personalised to suit all requirements.

A door that is securely designed, stylish and durable, and which because it is clad in high definition embossed GRP skins is virtually maintenance free – a door that provides excellent thermal characteristics which will keep your family safe and secure for years to come.


The Benefits

  • High-definition embossed GRP skins
  • Designed with Security in mind
  • Long term Performance
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Thermally efficient

Outstanding Energy Performance

Modern Composite doors are a combination of great looks and high performance, with strength, low maintenance and probably, most important of all, superb energy efficiency.

One of the main specification considerations should be the thickness of the door as this has more than just an impact on the strength and also adds to the doors ability to be thermally efficient to give your home a better chance of retaining heat generated indoors. The thermal efficiency of a door is measured by its U-value and the lower the U-Value the better. At 48mm thick, the Solidor timber composite door is nearly 10% thicker than the industry standard and provides a U value of between 1.1-1.4.


Our doors are available in a range of standard colour and woodgrain finishes, but with our state of the art paint plant, we can now provide a wide range of specialist colours and a colour matching service.


With our high performance paint technology, we can provide a wider palette of door colours including options for customers looking to match PVC-u colour foiled frames.